Being a Mom Boss
It's a typical Tuesday morning around I get my allocations from the syndicate desk, divvy up the shares, and get to work. Great way...
Why RIAs Need to Get Serious About Diversity & Inclusion
While news channels and protests have reminded us all of the systemic injustices in our country, we have witnessed organizations of all kinds offering public...
Sirianni: A Reckoning on Race and Gender
As our industry works to meet the challenge of the national debate on issues of race and gender, firms are scrambling to recommit themselves to...
Establishing Effective Relationships With Female Clients
Listen to additional episodes in this series Women’s purchasing power has grown steadily in the last several decades, presenting advisors an opportunity to connect and...

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Thinking About Going Independent? Pros and Cons for Advisors
If you’re considering breaking away from the wirehouse, you’re facing one of the biggest planning decisions you’ll ever make for yourself. Weighing your choices may...
Should You Make a Break for Independence? 5 Reasons to Answer “Yes”
Should I stay, or should I go? For wirehouse advisors, that question used to be more about running away from a parent company than about...
Can independence increase your earning potential?
The Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) model is an opportunity to build your own brand and put your clients first – but how do the economics...
4-step plan: Creating extraordinary client experiences
Evolving customer expectations are changing the way businesses engage. Use this four-step plan to rethink client engagement and deliver the extraordinary experiences that clients have...
A Conversation with Marc Cohen, Senior Vice President of LPL Financial
In this episode we explore some of the hottest topics in wealth management with Marc Cohen, Senior Vice President at LPL Financial. Marc shares his...
Much Ado About Nothing – The Protocol Non-Event
In the past, whether a firm was or was not in protocol played a major role in an advisor's decision to move firms. Afterall, non-protocol firms...
How Divorce and Widowhood Can Impact a Woman’s Finances
LISTEN TO ADDITIONAL EPISODES IN THIS SERIES This episode was previously published in October 2019. For many women going through divorce or widowhood, it’s important...
Taxes, China, a Biden Presidency: What it means to advisors and investors
BlacRock's Mark Wiedman caps off season one of The Big Reveal Podcast Series with truly interesting insight into taking advantage of market swings, how he's...

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Recruiting Winners
1. UBS
2. LPL Financial
3. Morgan Stanley
4. RBC
5. Stifel Nicolaus & Co.
Recruiting Losers
1. Merrill Lynch
2. UBS
3. Wells Fargo
4. Morgan Stanley
5. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Recruiting Champs (net)
1. LPL Financial
2. First Republic
3. Rockefeller Capital Management
4. RBC
5. Ameriprise

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A Conversation with Jeff Concepcion, Founder and CEO at Stratos Wealth Partners
In this episode we explore some of the hottest topics in wealth management today with Jeff Concepcion, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Stratos Wealth...
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D.A. Davidson’s View on Elections and the Markets
Janney Midyear Outlook 2020
What had started as a promising year for growth both here and abroad, turned upside down as the coronavirus outbreak suffocated economic activity in its...
Podcast: SightLines for July 10, 2020
In this week’s episode, we review the concept of the two tails of this environment - the possibility of a “bear/negative” or a “bull/positive” event,...

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Understanding Annuities
Annuities An annuity is a contract between an individual and an insurance company. Once the contract is entered into, the individual becomes known as the...
How To Master Mutual Fund Pricing
How to Value Mutual Fund Shares Mutual funds must determine the net asset value of the fund’s shares at least once per business day. Most...
How To Understand Mutual Funds
What is the Investment Company Philosophy? An investment company is organized as either a corporation or as a trust. Individual investors’ money is then pooled...
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A Conversation on Life Insurance Conversions
Most people think of life insurance as the most morbid of financial vehicles.  After all, it only works when you’re dead, right?  Not so fast. ...