At a Glance
    • Location: San Diego, CA
    • Year Founded: 2012
    • Assets Under Management: $200 million
    • CEO and Co-Founder: Eric Ervin
    • Focus: Systematic quantitative ETFs and indexes for investors seeking diversification, lower correlation, risk mitigation, or unique market exposures


reality shares

Ranging from disruptive fintech to a proprietary dividend health rating system called DIVCON®, Reality Shares is focused on offering investors access to innovative market segments. Our ETFs include BLCN and BCNA, investing in companies committing material resources to developing, researching, and innovating in blockchain technology, DIVY, an alternative ETF actively targeting long-term capital appreciation generated by dividend growth expectations, and a series of rules-based DIVCON ETFs that seek to analyze and rank companies’ dividend growth prospects over the next 12 months.

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Reality Shares LEAD Factsheet 2019Reality Shares DIVY as part of a 60/40 portfolio