At a Glance
  • $237 Billion under management
  • 400 offices in the U.S. and Europe
  • 7,300 associates in the U.S. and Europe
  • 34% employee owned
  • 21 years record net revenue


Recruit Deal

80% to 100%+

Upfront payment: 80% to 100%+

On Stifel’s grid system, your monthly gross production determines your respective monthly compensation.

The higher the gross revenue, the higher your payout – as you can see in the chart below.


(1) Cash payout is based on Standard 25/50% formula, whereby the first $12,000 of the month is paid at 25% and the balance is paid at 50%.

(2) Deferred Compensation is 5.0% of annual gross provided that gross is $300,000 or more.

At Stifel, we understand the importance of individuality and flexibility when it comes to growing and sustaining your book of business in the long term. That’s why we’ve established company-wide values designed to make our advisors feel heard, unhindered by corporate bureaucracy, and free to pursue the necessary solutions for their clients’ diverse needs.