At a Glance

Waddell & Reed prevails in a constantly evolving industry, reinventing while remaining true to the tenets that have shaped us, and always respecting what our advisors value most:

  • Ownership
  • Community of Support
  • Financial Planning
  • Access to Decision Makers
  • Purposeful Growth


Waddell & Reed

Our Commitment to Advisors

We believe that advisors in the Waddell & Reed community experience our dedication, commitment and support every day. These efforts benefit their practices and the work they do with clients.

Recruiting Deal

  • Up to 55% Upfront, 100% Total Deal


  • Generous ACAT Transfer, Fee Reimbursement
  • Initial Licensing Budget
  • Onsite Transition Support

Interested in Waddell & Reed?

David Call
Vice President, Advisor Acquisition
Waddell & Reed, Inc.
Office: 913.236.3994
Mobile: 206.850.5946
[email protected]

Commissions up to 94%


2,000,000 + 8 Up to 94%
1,000,000 1,999,999 7 92%
750,000 999,999 6 90%
500,000 749,999 5 85%
250,000 499,999 4 80%
200,000 249,999 3 75%
125,000 199,999 2 60%
0 124,999 1 50%

Community of Support

Grow your business with dedicated product and sales support

The Wealth Solutions Group (WSG) is a team of credentialed and experienced industry professionals who offer product and sales support in the areas of advisory products and investments, financial planning, retirement planning, and insurance and annuities. Their consultative services are available to help financial advisors with Waddell & Reed grow their practices and deepen client relationships.

Waddell and Reed |

Optimize your business with practice development support

As a business owner, it’s crucial to continually evaluate your business, identify areas of development and work toward your most important business goals. It’s one way to get on the path to your optimized, best practice. GPS is a catalyst to help you reach your goals through a highly customized experience that partners you with the industry professionals that make up the Waddell & Reed Practice Development Team. The team offers powerful layers of deep, generalist expertise and specialized areas of focus, equipping you with insight, tools and resources to grow and strengthen your practice.

Waddell & Reed By the Numbers

Transition, manage and grow your practice at Waddell & Reed