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Financial Planning Tool

Create a robust retirement plan using advanced Monte Carlo simulations.

Help your client manage tax liability with detailed tax estimate.

Save big on taxes with tax-efficient drawdown strategy and Roth conversion.

Optimize Social Security.

Work with annuities with guarantees.

Provide your clients with an easy to use budgeting tool.

Help your clients escape their debts sooner.


Albridge, Black Diamond, Blueleaf, Interactive Brokers, Orion, Redtail, Riskalyze, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, TradePMR / First Clearing, Wealthbox.


$99.95 per advisor per month Basic

$124.95 per advisor per month Premium

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Right Capital


After 15 years working with financial advisors on investment, insurance and annuity products, RightCapital co-founder Shuang Chen, CFA®, recognized how complex many of the industry’s leading financial planning software systems have become over time. Most financial planning solutions use complex models to solve complex problems and present results in a very complex way – think of this as “too much information” for the client and “too hard for the average advisor to use” and the problem becomes clear. On the flip side, some of the newer planning solutions use over-simplified models for the sake of keeping things simple and the cost low – whether you call it “financial planning light” or “too little information” the reality is there is just not enough “there” there for competent, fiduciary advisors.


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