A Big Picture Look at the State of Recruiting

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Mindy Diamond

Your 10-minute download on advisor movement—and what’s driving the uptick in activity.

As the world goes through reopening, talk around advisor movement is amping up.

And there’s good reason for this uptick: There’s been a considerable rise in recruiting activity.

In this episode, Mindy answers the questions we’re hearing most often from advisors:

  • Why have there been so many moves recently?
  • What’s driving the movement and momentum?
  • Where are they going?
  • And, how are these moves being facilitated at a time when most employees are still working from home?

Mindy also shares her advice on considering change—and the threshold question you should ask yourself before making the leap.

It’s a quick listen that will fill-in the gaps and dispel the rumors on the current state of recruiting.



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