Industry in Transition Zoom Call: Edward Jones’ Penny Pennington with Tony Sirianni

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  • Love the Interview! Both Tony & Penny always have great words of wisdom! I find these times to be really hard but we all need to stick together and push through. Hope to hear more from Penny in the future – Keep up the amazing work Tony!

  • Really feel like you get to know people on these interviews/podcasts –like howard stern, in a good way–very good discussion of racism and the future

  • Definitely good to see how senior leaders are thinking in terms of pandemic, market upheaval and social unrest. Hell of a time to be alive!!

  • I am extremely pleased and impressed to hear senior people in our industry be so positive about our industry and its people. More importantly, I am so pleased to hear the personal emotional commitment as leaders to equality and opportunity for all. I share your beliefs, values and commitment. Thank you.

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