AH Zoom Call: Jim Gold with Tony Sirianni

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AdvisorHub’s CEO Tony Sirianni talks with Jim Gold, Chief Executive Officer at Steward Partners Global Advisory, about adapting and responding to a crisis like COVID-19, how technology has shaped the way we view remote work, and the vision of the future.  




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Comments (3)
  • Awesome, funny and goos info on the biz!

  • Concur, firms like Steward that have had great success pre-corona will have to face RegBI on the other side. If they can continue to bring in the big teams second half of year they wil be hard to beat.

  • There seems to be broad agreement that our biz will thrive after the pandemic, and some good evidence thats its still alive during, but lots of different opinions on how it will look afterwards. I think we will end up reverting back to old habits, at least in the big firms, but the small firms may increase their advantage if they embrace the changes cause by pandemic.

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