Bitcoin, MMT, and the Narratives That Shape Our Behavior

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Between Now and Success

In a Nutshell: In this era of “fake news” and deep divisions between people, understanding the context behind dominant narratives can help build bridges, stimulate new ideas, and push us all forward.

Guests: Nathaniel Whittemore, a strategy and communications consultant for leading crypto companies as well as the host of The Breakdown, which is my favorite podcast in the crypto world. Nathaniel was also a principle at the venture capital firm Learn Capital and he was on the founding team of

My Key Takeaway: As you try to anticipate some of the narratives that could shape your story in 2021:

  • Think macro. Big ideas like Bitcoin and MMT could have more of an impact on global economics than they do on how we buy and sell things day to day.
  • Explore in good faith. There are thoughtful folks on both sides of every issue who are worth listening to and learning from.
  • Share your diagnoses. When we talk about problems we agree on, we’re more likely to arrive at meaningful and inclusive solutions.

Also Learn:

  • Why, as a financial tool, Bitcoin might not be an “either or” but more of an “and.”
  • What the broader applications for crypto could mean for developing countries and creative companies.
  • How narratives can create self-fulfilling prophesies that alter our beliefs.
  • Which narratives Nathaniel Whittemore is trying to break right now to expand the range of political and economic possibilities he shares with his audience.
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