Brent Brodeski – The Different Stages of Business Development Evolution

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In this episode, Jeff & Brent discuss: 

• Thoughts on the Corona Virus situation regarding your employees, clients, and community.

• How Brent went from Intern to a gun-slinging entrepreneur to a successful CEO.

• Different stages of business development evolution.

• Be a pro-active thought leader.

• Combining Organic and Inorganic Growth.


Key Takeaways:

• What we do now, during this crisis, will go a long way with your clients and community.

• For the first $100MM just go out and get it.

• Speak anywhere that will have you, teach education courses, attend community events, etc.

• Be a pro-active thought-leader in the community or on social media.


“In the early days, throw a lot of seeds out, and do lots of things.” —  Brent Brodeski


Connect with Brent Brodeski:

Website: Savant Capital

LinkedIn: Brett Brodeski

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