Creating a Remarkable Client Experience Through Personalization, Co-Creation, and Journey Mapping

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Between Now and Success

In a Nutshell: Delivering great service is table stakes. Drive toward extraordinary by creating a unique, emotionally engaging experience for each individual client.

Guest: Julie Littlechild. Julie is a leading expert on the drivers of client engagement. She’s also the cohost of the Becoming Referable podcast and the author of the book The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement.

My Key Takeaway: To create an engaging client experience that becomes a magnet for new ideal clients:

Be intentional about designing a discovery and planning process that engages your clients emotions and makes them feel more connected to you. Focus less on a prospect’s assets and more on how they view themselves, then deliver an experience that is tailor made for who they are. Draw a distinction between service and hospitality … and excel at both.

Also Learn:

1. Why creating a client journey map should be an essential early step in thinking about your systems and services.

2. How to put your firm and its ideal clients to an “Authenticity Test” that will make you think about what you’re really trying to accomplish as an advisor and as a business owner.

3. What it means for advisors and their clients to “co-create” a financial planning experience together.

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