Building Your Business Today as if You’re Selling it Tomorrow

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Mindy DiamondWhy is M&A so important? And how do you best position your firm for M&A success?

After years of strong growth, many successful independent businesses find themselves at a plateau. Inorganic growth – via mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or recruiting – offers these firms a way to expand into new markets, improve buying power, gain scale and capture operating leverage. M&A can also increase the metrics on which the valuation of the business is based, and help solve for succession.

Although every wealth management firm fancies themselves a buyer, most fail in their efforts to recruit or acquire. In this episode, Mindy explains what prospective buyers must identify and solve for to successfully attract potential sellers, including:

  • What is your firm’s value proposition?
  • Is your infrastructure robust enough to support added growth?
  • Have you identified your next generation?
  • How will you access the capital for the deal?
  • And, most importantly, what are you looking to solve for?

By being able to demonstrate why a prospective seller would grow faster with you than without you, your firm will be better positioned for M&A success, and poised to build a business with real enterprise value.


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