The Top 7 Turnkey Models that are Rocking the Independent Landscape—with Louis Diamond

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Mindy DiamondComparing and contrasting some of the most popular options available to breakaways with special guest Louis Diamond

Captive advisors who seek greater freedom and flexibility are lucky to have an industry landscape where so many high-quality independent options exist—with new ones being born every day. But with this expanded waterfall of possibilities comes waves of confusion, leaving advisors scratching their heads when attempting to discern between the various models and options in the space.

Advisors considering independence often find themselves trying to answer:

  • What’s a service provider?
  • What’s a platform firm?
  • What’s quasi-independence?
  • What’s the difference between having your own ADV and being part of a joint one? And why does it matter?
  • How do firms like Rockefeller Capital Management, Sanctuary Wealth Partners and Dynasty Financial Partners differ?
  • And many more frequently asked questions.
Mindy Diamond Podcast | Louis Diamond, Executive Vice President at Diamond Consultants

Louis Diamond, Executive Vice President at Diamond Consultants

Louis Diamond joins Mindy to answer these questions and others, with a goal of imparting some order and providing actionable information to help you better understand where all of the pieces fit.

Together they review the evolution of various models, with a closer look at the new world order. You’ll learn how 7 of the most popular options came to be, what their visionary creators set out to solve for and which advisors are best suited for them.

It’s an episode that will help advisors differentiate between options which offer more guardrails and those that provide the highest levels of freedom and flexibility.

Listeners will also learn how to focus their efforts through a series of thought-provoking questions, designed specifically for advisors considering how to best outline their next chapter.



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