The RIA Space: Freedom and Flexibility Maximized

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Mindy DiamondAdvisors with their sights set on the highest level of freedom and flexibility, plus the maximum ability to build long-term enterprise value, owe it to themselves to take a closer look at the RIA model.

In this episode, Mindy focuses specifically on the RIA – Registered Investment Advisor – model, which offer advisors the maximum in freedom, independence, control, customization, open architecture and client-centric holistic practice capabilities.

In a previous podcast episode, Mindy shared information and insights on the IBD or Independent Broker Dealer model, and how it differs from the RIA space. Listen in to get a better understanding of how the features of the RIA space can benefit those advisors who have a strong entrepreneurial mindset, and the different opportunities for building one’s business.

Mindy offers the following:

  • A clear description of the RIA and RIA-Hybrid models
  • An understanding of what the RIA experience is like
  • Key characteristics and benefits for advisors
  • A process to help guide you through strategic exploration

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