Show Me the Money: How Independent Advisors Monetize in the Short-Term

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Mindy DiamondWhile most advisors dream about the freedom, flexibility and control of independence, many don’t make the move because of the perceived downside in the short-term economics. And while that may have been true in the past, it’s no longer the case. In this podcast, Mindy shares how there are now plenty of ways to monetize in the short-term for those who choose to go independent.

The reality today is that a variety of opportunities exist – with more seeming to be born each week – that help advisors make the leap to independence while still fulfilling their short-term economic needs.

In this episode, Mindy discusses the pros and cons of several opportunities to solve for short-term financial requirements, including:

  • Taking a loan for startup capital.
  • Selling equity in your firm to investors.
  • Becoming quasi-independent or tucking into an already established firm.

While short-term monetization is often a focal point, many advisors moving to the independent space do so to build an enterprise that will outlive them. As such, Mindy also shares 9 of the long-term benefits of independence—many of which also offer immediate yet long-lasting advantages.


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