Grow Faster by Solving the Needs of a Niche in a Unique Way

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Between Now and Success

In a Nutshell

All financial advisors deliver services and advice. The ones who are growing their businesses find creative ways to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace and attract a niche of clients they can offer the most value to.


Steve Wershing. Steve is the President of The Client Driven Practice and the author of Stop Asking for Referrals. He’s also the cohost of a great podcast called Becoming Referable.

My Key Takeaway

To differentiate both your firm and your prospective client base:

1. Discover, design, develop, and declare your niche.

2. Craft a unique client experience that will cater to your ideal client.

3. Remember: a niche is a need that sets your clients apart, and a need that you are able to service in a unique way.

Also Learn:

1. Why separating “target” from “niche” is essential to transforming your business.

2. How simple tweaks to things like your meeting calendar can have a big impact on your niche client experience and drive up your value to clients.

3. What kinds of dialogues you can have with clients that will lead to referrals … without you having to ask for them.


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