How to Write Compelling Copy That Engages Your Audience’s Hearts and Minds

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Between Now and Success


In a Nutshell: Whether you’re writing website copy, sending email newsletters, social media posts, physical mailers, or a combination, you have to master the psychology of engagement to turn your prospects into clients and keep your business growing.

Guest: Adam Bensman. Adam is one of the top direct response copywriters and consultants in the country, and he has a particular expertise in helping financial advisors improve their marketing.

My Key Takeaway: If you want win more business from your copywriting, you need to craft a compelling offer that:

  1. Differentiates your firm.
  2. Reaches your ideal client right where they are.
  3. Addresses the questions that are going in their mind.
  4. Provides a high level of perceived value.

Also Learn

  1. Why you should delete your glossy headshot from the top of your emails, open with an ellipsis (…),  and always end with a PS.
  2. How to address your prospect’s pain by appealing to the “search trigger” that brought them to you in the first place.
  3. What 4 quadrants Adam says your marketing needs to hit in order to set yourself apart and demonstrate your value to your audience.

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