Industry in Transition Zoom Call: Jerry Lombard, President, Private Client Group at Janney

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AdvisorHub’s CEO Tony Sirianni talks with Jerry Lombard, President, Private Client Group at Janney about adapting and responding to a crisis like COVID-19, how technology has shaped the way we view remote work, and the vision of the future.




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Comments (5)
  • Great call guys–way to stick up for the Regionals Jerry!!

  • Regionals are a great option solid leadership, here and others like Ron at stifel, at end of the day 50% plus payouts for smaller producers your take home can rival indies w much less hassle

  • If youre a multi million dollar producer with a good team you are crazy not to go Indy

    • Do the indy math your take home after expenses wont be 60% you can definitely negotiate a comparable comp at a smaller firm and leverage their balance sheet, plus be sure you own your book contractually, and get 100-200%. No brainer.

  • Extremely happy advisors at Janney, Very FA and client friendly place

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