Industry Update: On Clashes, Sleeping Giants, and the Handwriting on the Wall

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Mindy Diamond Update

A 10-minute download of 3 key things happening now in the wealth management industry.

It’s impossible to talk about independence without addressing the industry at large. Because the independent space itself was born as a result of changes within the landscape—an ongoing evolution cultivated by shifting advisor sentiment and client expectations.

So to address listener requests for a broader look at what’s going on in the wealth management world and how that impacts an advisor’s ability to serve their clients and grow their businesses, we’ll be sharing bi-weekly updates as a part of this podcast series.

In this episode, Mindy explores the following:

  • Clashes between next gen inheritors and the senior advisors for whom they work—The unexpected net effect of retire-in-place programs have left next gen inheritors wondering if their senior advisor’s book is really worth it.
  • The awakening of “sleeping giants”—After a lull in wirehouse recruiting activity, even the most competitive deals from the biggest brokerage firms may not provide what’s needed to compete with the likes of First Republic and Rockefeller.
  • The handwriting on the wall—Discerning a firm’s intent by way of the “messages” they’re sending can make a big difference in an advisor’s future.

It’s 10-minutes of insights with value for all advisors—just what you need to know to see your way forward clearly and thoughtfully.



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