Industry Update on M&A: Meet the Investors—Why It’s Important for All Advisors to Know Who They Are

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Mindy Diamond

A conversation with Special Guest Louis Diamond

Whether you’re a wirehouse advisor or already independent, the inevitable challenges you will face at some point in your career are the same: Accelerating growth, creating scale and monetizing your life’s work.

For advisors who may be thinking about independence, how to access transition capital and de-risk your move may be your primary considerations.

And even the most captive of financial advisors recognize that they are building businesses with real enterprise value—and as such, the decision around how and when to monetize is worthy of serious consideration.

The good news for advisors looking to monetize is that there’s no shortage of investors.

Yet that leaves plenty of questions for those looking to “sell” all or some portion of their business.

Louis Diamond joins the show to answer those questions we’re most frequently asked, including:

  • Who are the investors in the space?
  • How are deals structured?
  • Why would an advisor choose to sell all or a minority portion of his business?
  • How much control does an advisor have to give up?
  • What’s the downside of selling to an investor?
  • Why has the minority investor trend accelerated?
  • Why is this subject relevant to an advisor at a traditional brokerage firm?

As Peter Mallouk, the president and CEO of the $55B+ firm Creative Planning, shares on an upcoming show, “With valuations at an all-time high, it’s a good time to consider your options.” And now is the time to get educated on a world of choice unlike ever before.


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