Industry Update: Why Working from Home May Be One of Wealth Management’s Biggest Game Changers

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Mindy Diamond

It’s hard to comprehend how much has changed since March of 2020.

Here we are, some 6 months later and there is still no telling how our world will change permanently into the future.

Perhaps the biggest change foisted upon the business of wealth management as of late came with the requirement to work from home.

According to a new survey by Broadridge Financial Solutions and as recently reported by On Wall Street, nearly 60% of advisors are still working from home and 27% are either unsure about going back to the office or have no plan to do so in the near term.

Yet the reality is that working from home has its pros and cons.

This episode delves into:

  • What advisors are doing differently in the WFH environment—and how this is impacting their mindset when it comes to their futures.
  • How firms are dealing with accountability—and how this is affecting the way advisors conduct their businesses and lives.
  • What’s been the single biggest change in client relationships—and how this is causing a shift in motivations for advisors, as well as a drive towards greater movement.
  • What advisors learned about their firms during this time—and what they learned about themselves.

It’s a show that discusses how this sea change is driving change in an already evolving landscape—and a topic that impacts each and every advisor—no matter where they practice.


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