Investing in Clients: Strategies to Improve and Strengthen Relationships

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Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most reliable (and inexpensive!) ways to earn new business. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations above all other forms of advertising.

So how do you get clients to sing your praises? By delivering legendary service, day in and day out. That may seem like a tall order, but with the right planning, you can lay the groundwork for strong client relationships—and ultimately, the word-of-mouth buzz that drives referrals. Here are three ways to get there:

  • Exceed Professional Expectations in the Everyday. Each client touchpoint, no matter how small, is a chance to show you care. Think about your current systems and brainstorm ways to improve. Could your client acquisition process be more streamlined and user friendly? How might you make in-person meetings more comfortable, informative, or convenient? Aim to go the extra mile in everything you do, even if it’s as simple as ensuring you always have warm coffee and chilled water on hand to offer office guests. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes, anticipate their needs, and do your best to meet those needs proactively. Then, find ways to do a little something more—like sending a handwritten thank-you card after every meeting. Over time, little niceties add up to lots of trust!
  • Host Client Appreciation Events. What better way to show clients you care than by throwing an event in their honor? Whether it’s an informal information session or a little happy hour at your office, try adding a client appreciation event to your calendar. Not only are appreciation events a great way to celebrate your devoted clients—they’re an ideal opportunity to win new clients! Encourage clients to bring a friend or two, giving you the chance to mix, mingle, and network.
  • Be Predictably Excellent. Handling another person’s finances is a big responsibility, and in order for clients to trust you with that responsibility, they need to know they can depend on you. One simple way to demonstrate your trustworthiness is by creating a consistently positive phone experience. Although you may not always be able to speak with a client when they call, it’s important to have someone available to answer live during business hours. A remote receptionist service can ensure your clients always reach a warm, caring person when they call—and such services are a great option to cover breaks, vacations, and overflow if you have an in-house receptionist. Financial advisor Chun Lee relies on a virtual receptionist service because, as he says,My clients’ needs are what matter most to me. Knowing that [my service] is always there, answering my calls and taking care of my clients in a professional and friendly manner, gives us both peace of mind.”

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