Lou Camacho & Nancy Andrefsky: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the Acquisition Space

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In this episode, Jeff, Lou, and Nancy discuss: 

  • Deal Structures: Cash is King
  • Thinking straight and not just falling in love with an opportunity.
  • Incorporating the risk of breakage.
  • What stands out when you look at a firm’s financials.
  • Why people buy and sell and looking at it as a process.


Key Takeaways: 

  • There is a risk in both ways – there is a risk if the owner is too involved in the business, but there is also a risk if the owner has no involvement in the business.
  • Look at the debt and see what is going on with the interest – this will tell you more information than just the P&L.
  • You need to be thinking about what makes you and your business attractive as the seller.
  • Not all investments and expenses are created equal.


“When you take a look at the process of buyers and sellers, people need to reflect on the fact that actually is a process and not an event.” —  Jeff Concepcion


Connect with Nancy Andrefsky: 

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Connect with Lou Camacho:

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LinkedIn: Lou Camacho


Connect with Jeffrey Concepcion: 

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