Pierce: AdvisorBox is a ‘Complete Solution’

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It is my pleasure to introduce you to Advisorbox.  In the ultra-competitive industry in which we work, it is difficult to find a true partner.  Over time, I have learned that Advisorbox is such a partner. They may help you build a larger and more profitable business, or maximize how you can monetize the equity in your practice through recruiting or acquisition deals.  Advisorbox was created by industry leader Darin Manis.

Full Disclosure: I began working with Darin nearly eight years ago when I was employed by Ameriprise.  Other than enjoying working with an entrepreneur like Darin, I have no economic interest in his business and am not being compensated to write this.

As Darin says, “Advisorbox helps financial services industry advisors open your potential™ through consolidated solutions, for free.”

Advisorbox provides collaborative and consolidated support to advisors of all shapes and sizes, wherever they are, with the solutions they need including: growth, succession and practice management solutions. They work with advisors directly and in partnership with broker dealers, clearing firms and industry relationships.

All standard services offered to the individual advisor is free, including their Vendor Directory resource where advisors can review 170 (and counting) select vendors in 25 advisor product and service categories.

Advisorbox recently launched their ValuationMax Calculator, a free and interactive advisory business valuation calculator. Advisors can easily navigate and adjust variables to see what their advisory practice might be worth based upon a general market-based valuation calculation. That calculator will be available on AdvisorHUB soon.

AdvisorboxMatch is also a complementary resource for advisors who want to consider selling their practice, transitioning to a different broker dealer, creating or joining an RIA, or tuck into a locally owned financial advisory firm. AdvisorboxMatch is basically a turnkey match making service.

Curious advisors can review and discuss their industry and firm options while also comparing culture, platform, transition, and compensation packages. FA’s receive an executive summary about each firm that you have an interest in. This is the first step in the process. Then Advisorbox introduces interested parties to each other. They help match advisors with the right firms and opportunities. They help navigate terms, provide business valuations and consult throughout the process until a potential deal is consummated. Firms that seek to hire or acquire pay Advisorbox a low monthly membership fee of $50 and a success fee when the deal is complete.

What I like about this service is that Advisorbox charges companies the fees and offers FA’s different complementary choices based on individual and practice needs. As many FA’s kick local, independent, and RIA tires, these services can be quite valuable. The valuation models can be validation for your sweat equity while the matching service can work for just about any model.

The Advisorbox recruiting management team is led by Courtney Raymond. I have fond memories of working with Courtney when she was a search firm partner when I ran Merrill’s Philadelphia Complex back in the day. Courtney has helped over 1,500 advisor recruits transition firms in the retail and institutional space. Courtney ran one of the top advisor-recruiting firms in the country, Courtney Raymond Consultants, for 20 years prior to joining Advisorbox.

David Grau Jr., also a Managing Director at Advisorbox, leads the Succession and M&A division. David founded Succession Resource Group (an Advisorbox family firm) and is an industry leader in succession planning, business valuations, and M&A consulting. The integrated staffs of SRG and Advisorbox work closely together to ensure sellers are informed of their options and are fully supported throughout their succession and selling process.

I have always been a firm believer that even if you are completely satisfied with your current situation, you owe it to yourself, your family and your clients to understand what growth engines are available to you.  When Darin introduced this comprehensive service under one roof, it struck me that he had just innovated beyond what was available to FA’s and their teams. Thank You for reading this work. JRP

John Pierce spent more than twenty years at Merrill Lynch and Ameriprise. He earned his MBA from The University of London and lives in Philadelphia. For less than the cost of your next grande non-fat latte you can download his e-book from Amazon and pick up the paperback for team members Sell More and Sleep at Night.

Advisorbox, while operating nationwide, has physical offices in Denver CO, Breckenridge CO, and Portland OR. They maintain a robust website at Advisorbox.com where you can engage their consultants through live chat or send a contact request form.  You’ll always reach a live person when you call Advisorbox during business hours at 800-685-2384.


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