The Big Reveal: Unboxing The Experience – Designing Meaningful Follow-up Rituals To Create Business Momentum

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Advisor Talk

Whether you are a firm in the process of recruiting a new advisor or an advisor actively engaging a new client, the impression you create in order to move those relationships forward goes beyond the initial call or meeting. Every touch point you have with your prospect is an opportunity to create engagement and build trust and one of the most proven methods to create tangible outreach is through a thoughtfully crafted follow-up gift that embodies the values and image of your business. In this special podcast episode, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa offers a challenge to his listeners to send in your follow-up gift or outreach package. In an ongoing series of YouTube episodes, Frank will choose a package to ‘unbox’ and give his unbiased and candid advice on the promotional package’s ability to move the needle for relationship marketing.


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