The Post-Crisis World for Financial Advisors: 10 Predictions

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Mindy Diamond


There’s a new wave of evolution coming in the post-crisis world which we expect will impact advisors no matter where they work. The good news is that much of these changes will be for the better.

The onslaught of COVID-19 has given advisors a new lens through which to view and evaluate their business lives and the firms they work for—that is, the lens of crisis. In an industry that was already in the midst of great change, there are 10 key areas that are expected to further evolve as the crisis passes.

In this special episode, Mindy Diamond shares her expectations for the post-crisis world, including:

  • Which advisors will move, where they will go—and why.
  • What transition deals will look like—and which firms may be offering the best ones.
  • Why advisors may hasten retirement plans—and how that could impact movement.
  • What the impact of the crisis may be on the movement toward independence—and how that will drive further change in the space.
  • How teams may become an even more important facet of the wirehouse world—and how that could affect the individual advisors.
  • How working from home has left an imprint on advisors—and why that will drive changes to expectations from advisors and their clients going forward.

Plus, Mindy shares the threshold questions advisors should ask themselves as they look back on this experience—and how the answers will help define their business lives going forward.

It’s an episode that gives advisors a glimpse into what the wealth management world will look like going forward—and the good news is, as Mindy shares, much of the changes will be for the better.



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