What are Top Advisors Doing Differently? – with Matt Oechsli of The Oechsli Institute

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Mindy Diamond

A deep dive into the mindset and habits of top advisors with Matt Oechsli of The Oechsli Institute

One of the hottest articles on our Perspectives Blog this year was a piece written by Mindy Diamond titled The Billion Dollar Mindset: What Drives Top Advisors? The popularity of the topic comes with littlelittle surprise as advisors at all levels have a strong desire to understand what propels another towards greater success.

 Matt Oechsli

Matt Oechsle surprise as advisors at all levels have a strong desire to understand what propels another towards greater success.

To take a deeper dive into the topic, Mindy welcomes Matt Oechsli, founder of the Oechsli Institute, a firm that specializes in coaching and training advisors who are looking to build their wealth management practices to new heights.

The Oechsli Institute has conducted years of extensive research on elite advisors, their businesses and relationships with their affluent clients, and they use that data as the foundation for the services they provide to advisors.

Matt covers a wide gamut on what the most successful advisors do differently, including:

  • What a “growth mindset” is—and why it’s the most common trait among elite advisors.
  • Why being self-aware is vital—and how to recognize and address any weaknesses is a sign of strength.
  • How self-trust and self-motivation are key traits of top advisors—and why many still suffer from self-doubt.
  • Why putting the client first is one of the most important aspects of success—and how to make it part of a regular business routine.
  • How to develop an emotional connection with a client—and why that’s one of the most critical elements of an advisor’s success.
  • How to properly ask clients for referrals—and why most advisors shy away from the process.
  • Plus, the importance of continuity planning—and what personality type to look for in a next gen advisor.

As Matt shared, elite advisors are already outstanding at their craft, but they differentiate themselves by developing a strong emotional connection with their clients and “have mastered the art of selling in a fiduciary world.”

It’s an important episode for all advisors, with actionable advice that can be immediately put to use.



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About Matt Oechsli: 

Matt Oechsli is a leading authority on attracting, servicing, and developing loyal affluent clients.  He is CEO of the Oechsli Institute, a research and coaching firm founded in 1978, which has now grown to over 20 veteran coaches.

Matt has authored 14 books, many industry best sellers, with his most recent The Art of Selling to the Affluent – 2nd Edition was translated into Mandarin.  He is in high demand as a keynote speaker, delivering presentations from Singapore to Sydney to Wall Street.

Matt has a tremendous media presence (longest tenured columnist with Wealth Management.com at 30+ years) as he is consistently quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other prominent media outlets.

With an MBA in marketing from Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA, a BS from the University of Arizona, certification in clinical hypnotherapy, and worked as a counselor of emotionally disturbed youth in New York City – Matt’s background is unique, to say the least.

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